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Senior Patient with Walker


Physical Therapists are movement experts, trained in the biomechanical and physiological causes of pain, weakness and dysfunction whether caused by injury, illness or inactivity or simply aging. Physical Therapists use prescribed movements, hands-on care and education to help you in the prevention, rehabilitation and management of your functional health and mobility. Below are some ways physical therapy can help you.  

Stay in the game

Prevention is an often overlooked but essential service offered by our physical therapy team.  If you want to learn how to protect your functional health and prevent injuries, meet with one of our highly trained therapists who can create a custom program that fits your life and your goals.

Golfer with a golf cart
Leg Injury

Recover after a setback

If you have had an injury or surgery, Physical Therapy  is often your first and best choice to help you recover.  Customized programs include hands-on care, prescribed exercises and patient education following best practice guidelines.

Manage pain

Pain can be one of the most debilitating symptoms that a person can experience. Whether acute or chronic, our skilled physical therapists will combine hands-on treatment with education and strategies that will help you gain control of the symptoms.

Back Pain Treatment
Senior Portrait

Functional decline

Sometimes we just start to slow down. Whether the decline just happened gradually over time, is secondary to a disease or other reason, physical therapy will help improve your function and physical health and help get you moving and living again. 

Chronic disease

Individualized therapy plans of care for Dementia, Parkinson's Disease, MS, Stroke, and other cogenital or acquired conditions in which disability progresses over time. Our therapists will always include your family and caregivers for education and training.  

Leg Injury
Physical Therapy Session
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Image by Angélica Echeverry
Senior Physiotherapy
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