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Skills for the job of living

The greatest therapy that you never heard of but that you might just need. Why?  Because Occupational Therapy is a holistic discipline that incorporates the physical, psychological, emotional and environmental considerations of everything you do (your occupations) to create custom solutions that meet your needs and help you live life to its fullest no matter your health condition, disability, or risk factors


The list below describes common reasons for referrals for Occupational Therapy. If this seems like you or someone you love, please reach out to your doctor or call LifeCare for more information.  


I'm struggling to take care of myself

If everyday tasks are becoming too difficult and you choose your clothing to avoid buttons, zippers or tie-on shoes, Occupational therapy can help you get back to taking care of your best self through a combination of rehabilitation, adaptive equipment and task modification.

I'm scared I will fall

If you have had falls or near falls, if you need to hold on to furniture when you stand or walk or use the towel rack to get in/out of your shower/tub, Occupational Therapy is an important part of fall prevention training and can help prevent falls and keep you safe at home.

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Patient with Healthcare Nurse

My hands/arms/shoulders hurt

Because your upper body is so important to your ability to function independently, Occupational Therapists are experts in rehabilitation and treatment of acute and chronic conditions involving the hands, arms and shoulders.   

My vision makes it hard for me to see sometimes...

Occupational therapists combine vision training with environmental and home modifications to create a safe environment in which you can function independently.

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I try everyday but I can't seem to...

Sometimes having the strength or physical capabilities is not enough. Occupational therapists use a holistic, person-centered approach to help create healthy habits and routines that protect health and safety. 

I have a chronic disease..

Individualized therapy plans of care for Dementia, Parkinson's Disease, MS, Stroke, and other cogenital or acquired conditions in which disability progresses over time. Our therapists will always include your family and caregivers for education and training.  

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